President and AKC Delegate Messages

President's Message:

Happy New Year to all of our club's members, their families and friends. I hope that 2018 brings you only the best of health, happiness, and opportunity.

Our club finished another active year - offering a genetic health screening clinic, two all breed conformation shows, three obedience trials, two rally trials and two all breed agility trials. We are looking forward to and planning for our August 2018 shows in a new, smaller venue - the Regency Hotel and Conference Center in Boxborough.

Our next club event will be our genetic health screening clinic to be held on Sunday March 4, 2018. Hemopet and Dr. Jean Dodds will again offer a 10% discount on their blood analysis/thyroid profile fees. We will offer all Optigen DNA genetic tests (which vary by breed) at 25% discount, and the day will include an eye clinic with Dr. Ruth Marrion. Dr. Schaefer will again offer SNAP tests for heartworm/lyme at a substantial savings, as well as microchip implants and rabies vaccinations, and patella exams. Dr. Kelloway will again offer heart ultrasounds and pregnancy checks with limited space offered to club members first. More detailed information will be available soon on our website - look for an email with the flyer that will include a form for you to reserve a time for your testing in a few weeks. If you can help organize and work that day, contact the clinic organizer, Linda Shea.

We welcome two new members to our Board of Directors to fill two open positions - Ms. Lindsey Serafini and Ms. Cara Armour. Both have made major contributions to the club as relatively new club members, and we look forward to their additional contributions as Board members.

I hope you and your dogs stay warm and cozy this winter. I'll see you at our next membership meeting scheduled for Thursday, March 22. We tentatively plan to hold the meeting at our new show site in Boxborough and are working on securing an interesting speaker.

John W. Seeley

AKC Delegate Message:

At the All Breed Clubs Delegate Committee meeting held on December 14 prior to the December 15 Delegates Meeting, Leslie Fetzer, Director of the AKC's Public Education Department, reviewed the various initiatives they are involved with that are on the website: Canine College which is developing breed courses for judges; Groomer Education - currently on the website are listings for groomers: groomers that pass the test for groomers on the site will get an AKC Safe Groomer title and a priority listing on the Marketplace site; Breeder Education: Ashley Jacot Public Education Manager has worked on the Canine Ambassador Program - these ambassadors go to schools with their dogs. She has developed 45 lesson plans for kindergarten - 12th grade - going into the schools is a really important and exciting project. The Patch Program has been developed for groups like Girl Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs etc. youth come to dog shows and work on projects at the show to get a patch.

May 15 - November 15, 151,000 trick dog titles have been earned. Requires a CGC Evaluator. Trick dog testing at dog shows has been hugely popular with exhibitors and spectators.

Discussion of Board's vote to realign the Point Schedule Divisions but this realignment doesn't affect New England/New York.

Sheila Goff reported the AKC BOD has approved three new Canine Legislation position statements: one supporting the licensing of professional groomers; Civil Damages in Cases involving Injury to Pets: AKC supports the appropriate awarding of traditional economic damages in cases involving negligent injury to an animal; The AKC opposes the awarding of non-economic damages in cases involving the negligent injury to an animal; Working and Detection Dogs - AKC supports expanded scientific research and breeding programs to ensure that sufficient high quality domestically-bred dogs are available to insure public safety and national security.

At Parent Club Delegate Committee meeting held in the afternoon, among the matters discussed was the withdrawal of the request from the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club which would have allowed for more opportunities for spayed/neutered dogs to compete in conformation. Sheila Goff explained that AKC has always emphasized that conformation shows are for the evaluation of breeding stock. Changing this emphasis will feed into the animal rights agenda to pass mandatory spay/neuter legislation. Being satisfied with an exemption for show exhibitors is not enough - these exemptions are easy to do away with in a year or so. Sheila Goff reminds everyone to contact the AKC Government Relations Department for assistance with local or state legislation. Really important in regards to local legislation which is difficult for AKC to track. Website for Government Relations is

The new website is going to be launched in January, 2018. Waiting to include information from the AKC National Championship/Royal Canin dog show. Delegates were given the opportunity to have a one hour introduction to the new website and I was happy to have this opportunity. I think it will be a great improvement over the current site. The search engine should be a vast improvement. It is much easier to navigate. It should be as easy and quick to get show results as we currently can get from show superintendents. Any corrections/suggestions after seeing the new site can be sent to

At the Legislative Forum on December 15 which preceded the Delegates Meeting, Bernadette Juarez Deputy Administrator USDA Animal Care Program gave a very interesting presentation. I have detailed notes I would be happy to share with anyone interested.

Quarterly Meeting of AKC Delegates: Candidates for the Board of Directors were given 3 minutes to address the delegates. The CFO reported that litter and dog registrations were both up 7%, investments have gained 10%. No votes on rule changes were done.

Respectfully submitted,
Virginia Rowland

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